Saturday, March 27, 2010

Andalusian dog and cat

Working from life or your own images is usually the best form of reference but sometimes it isn't always possible and you are not in control of colour or values.  But there are ways to push the image into a form that will help you see light and shaded areas more easily and help you create value maps in your painting or drawing.

I was using up the end of paints on my oil palette with these two little pieces from this weekend's WDE at WetCanvas.  The images, provided by Harry Hamill, didn't have the levels of clarity or shadows that I would normally look for in a portrait reference, so I need to do some tweaking before tackling them.

Posterizing enhances areas of minimal shading in bands that are more distinct, allowing the artist to see more easily the value map of an image.  This is so useful when shadows are weak or seemingly non-existent.  That and a little darkening of midtones and the image became clearer in value placement and much easier to tackle.

These pieces are 5 x 7, completed in oils.

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