Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Art at home

Today my piece that was entered in the Arts and Letters competition was picked up and is back home after its vacation of 4 months.

I put a pen and ink piece in the competition just before Christmas and waited to hear its fate.  It wasn't until late March that I received the letter telling me that the winners had been chosen.  My piece wasn't one of the winning art works, but was it was given an honourable nod and was on display at The Rooms from April 6 - 18th.   I visited the exhibition and spent time trying to figure out which pieces would be the winners.  I think some of my favourites made the cut. You may view the winning pieces here. I wish they would provide the sizes of the pieces when they're posted online, otherwise there is no way of knowing the scale.

From time to time I add a little piece of art to my own collection.  Today a new piece arrived in the mail. Its a shodo chine colle by Ambera Wellmann of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I came across Ambera's work on Etsy and the sombre piece 'Weight of the World' caught my eye.  The beluga whale, weighted down by its anchor tail  in the dark water, bubbles floating around it, appealed to me.  The paper is a mottled silver grey, adding to the overall appeal for me.  The print is 1 of 6, so a very limited edition and measures about 9 x 6 for the print, 12 x 8.5 overall.

You can see more of Ambera Wellmann's work in her Etsy shop.


Jennifer Rose said...

very nice print to own :)

I love that pointillism piece, the textures are just amazing :D

A Brush with Color said...

This really IS amazing. Congratulations that people got to see it for a bit in the exhibit. More folks should know of your talents!

Lori said...

Some interesting submissions there. Too bad I couldn't see it at the rooms... Haven't been there since the "Mammoth" exhibit. :-P

(PS! This is Lori from FB! And you're my first comment! Neat! :-D)