Sunday, May 02, 2010

Up close

I have spent the last few days cocooned in meetings with little of me leftover in terms of energy or time for either creating art or talking about it through the blog.

I am back home now and with a day off tomorrow should have some time to catch up with myself again in terms of art before work engulfs me once more on Tuesday.

So until my thoughts regain consciousness, I'll leave you with an image that feeds the detail part of my artistic brain.  I love macro views of common objects that leave you wondering initially what on earth they are.   This pineapple made me look closer and see the shapes and colours of what appear to be perfectly wrapped little packages.  I can see a painting in this fruit's future...

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Lolli072 said...

I have always loved staring at fruit and their hidden colors and textures. Like you, about two months ago I found myself doing the same thing with a pineapple. lol In fact my camera that I have now I chose because of it's great macro function. Can't wait to see the end result of this upcoming painting, Jeanette. :-)