Saturday, May 08, 2010

Barnyard tales

 Horse tack

I've either been busy working or too sick to paint or draw, but things are finally moving in the right direction again.  I pulled out a canvas and some acrylics to start a painting.  I'm not sure if its going anywhere yet and am remembering quickly why I'm not so keen on acrylic paints.  I may get the bones of it down in acrylics then work in oils or it may just sit for awhile while I consider its fate.

It was a lovely sunny day and I walked around the property for awhile seeing what was springing to life and even that was tiring. This cold or flu or whatever I have really has taken its toll this week.  I found myself in the barn, talking to Lucky and B.D., the last two ducks living here now. They're a funny pair who seem permanently attached at the hip now  They were each left alone and are survivors in their own right.

BD is the last Muscovy duck I have and is about nine years old.  His legs are arthritic and he doesn't move far, just venturing out of the barn to the grass outside and back again usually.  He's my favourite guy.
Lucky - named so after surviving attacks by mink and an owl - is the last of a batch of Pekin ducklings that were hatched here a couple of years ago.  In the mink attack, he was fairly badly injured and perhaps should have been put down.  His neck is twisted as a result of the attack likely tendon and muscle injury.  However, I tend to keep waifs and strays, so he remained.  He's happy and chatty and healthy other than his lopsided look at the world.

While in there I noticed an old bridle and bit and some ancient horse shoes hanging on the railings of the stairs leading to the loft.  Cobwebs and dust accumulated on them, showing their lack of use as I have no horses now.  That is a bit sad, but unless I have the time to devote to them, its just not possible.

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Billie Crain said...

The photo of the horse tack is wonderful. It could stand alone as a piece of art but I do hope you take a stab at painting it.

I too have always had a soft spot for the underdog or underduck in your case. Lucky must be one tough little customer to have survived what he/she(?) has and deserves to live out a good life in your care.