Monday, December 27, 2010

The deal

The completed painting is now available for sale on my Original Work page.

This fleeting image of Tripod in a Santa hat was a compromise between me and him.  He very begrudgingly wore the hat and posed for a few photos in exchange for a couple of handfuls of Temptations - the crack cocaine of cat treats.  Yes, the ads are right, cats will virtually come through walls to get whatever it is that is in these little kibble pieces.

I did a drawing of Tripod in a Christmas hat a few years ago, probably his first Christmas in this house and he was happy to pose.  Now its a different story. As soon as I pick up a camera he hightails it out of the room or, if on a lap, gives me 'the look'.  You know the one.  It plots your downfall at a later date as he considers which is the best form of torture for humans.  Tripod's favourite is the 3am cat call in my ear to insist on going out.

However, the deal was made.  He got his treats, I got my photos and this is the result of the painting.  Its on 10 x 10" canvas panel in acrylics.  I planned on oils, but had run out of thinners and couldn't be bothered to drive in to town to get more as I knew it would be heaving with shoppers looking for sales.

I still have some tweaking to do with this, but here are the progress shots to its current state of completion.


Susan Liles said...

Great painting, I see a slight look of humiliation on the cat's face. Guess it was worth it though.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Susan. Its likely a mix of disdain, embarassment and a 'letsgetthisoverandonwiththetreats' look. :)

sue said...

I do enjoy your Tripod stories ...I had a ginger cat, Charlie, with a similar attitude. Great fun!

Pat said...

Lovely painting - and very interesting to see the progression ! xx

Irina said...

The way he looks. That's exactly the stare proof of the cats being from other planet and know some secret wisdom.
Great work. Great.

Jennifer Rose said...

ah that lovely look of plotting your doom, sky is pretty good at it too. i think its from her living with cats lol

thanks for the progress shots :)

RH (Rhonda) Carpenter said...

Oh, he looks like a perfect charmer - one who gladly slipped into the hat and posed for you! Lovely painting - so cheerful and fun.

Anonymous said...

So well done, Jeanette. Love the variety of textures here.
As any cat owner knows, you can never really convince a cat of anything. Way to bargain!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

What a lovely pic of Tripod - he's quite the character!

Your fishes are getting a lot of votes in the Making A Mark awards - see

Christiane Kingsley said...

Jeanette,I love the look in his beautiful eyes, although I am not too sure what it means:-) A delightful painting! Really well done!

Jeanette said...

Sue, I think many cats have similar traits. They collaborate. :)

Thanks Pat, sometimes its interesting to see how a painting is constructed.

Thank you Irina. They do have a different mindset, that's for sure.

Jennifer, Tripod can kill with looks sometimes. He has attitide. Perhaps he and Sky have chatted behind our backs!

Rhonda, charming he can be when he wants something. Accomodating for photos, rarely.

Thanks Tracy, it was fun to work out different textures in white. Cats, yes its always their way or the highway isn't it?

Oh he is a character indeed Katherine. Lots of other adjectives to describe him at times too. :)

I just had a look at the stats for votes and am impressed that I've been voted and pushed up the scale. It will be down to the fishes to appeal to viewers.

Thank you Christiane. He does have lovely golden/greenish eyes - usually fixed with a death ray when I pull out the camera! However, he cooperated on the premise of getting treats and the painting was fun to do.

travelingsuep said...

Great painting. I also like your Tripod stories.