Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Storm surge

 Storm surge
6" x 8"    acrylic

I've been reviewing 2010 today and documenting what I've accomplished and not accomplished and will be posting more about that review tomorrow. Part of my planning process is to review the past, take others opinions and input into consideration and study why I didn't succeed in some areas but did in others.   This shows me the path for the future and coupled with planning and a hefty dose of reality checks should point me in the right direction for 2011.

This painting of a storm surge is a hint of the direction I'll be moving in 2011.  While my gyotaku project draws to a close, there are many more areas that pull me and I will not be sitting idle.

As December and the year draws to a close, I was delighted today to be told that I have won the Going Green Gong award from Making a Mark.  I feel strongly about the ocean, the fish and the state of the fishery and environment.  Gyotaku brings me closer to the raw elements of all three and perhaps helps others see the reality of it on several levels.

As, well Katherine kindly nominated Illustrated Life as a contender in the Best Portrayal of Nature in 2010 awardGayle Mason and Tracy Hall are also nominated in the same category and you can cast your vote for this and other categories until 6am Greenwich Mean Time on December 30th. There is a lot of beautiful art in all the categories, so treat yourself visually and then try to make a decision on your vote. Its difficult!


travelingsuep said...

I look froward to seeing more paintings on this theme Jeanette.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Sue, I'm sure you'll get your wish. :)