Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 in review

 Caplin - dished
photograph, Jeanette Jobson

I've had a look at my goals for 2010 in my previous blog post and used them as a measuring tool to see what I have achieved in the past year.   I gave myself twelve tasks to achieve and have completed nine of them. This completion rate is similar to what I would hope to achieve in any realistic work plan. I can always do better and learning from mistakes or miscalculation of time or market is how I continue to improve and move forward.

My main goals for 2010 were Production, Revenue and Visibility - likely the standards for most artists - as they represent what we do, why we do it, and how we help ourselves to move towards those goals.

I've looked at blog statistics and numbers are growing steadily.  Statistics in 2009 compared to the 2010 show a 28% increase in page loads, a 21% increase in unique visitors, a 15% increase in first time visitors and a 28% increase in returning visitors.

Keywords are always important as they show how they connect with the blog and if I do something to help keep those individuals on the page.  I have produced one quick sketch of gummi bears in 2008 and it is a consistent hit for individuals searching for how to draw or paint them.  Zorn palette is also another common keyword that lands on my blog as well as the entry point via a blog post on Fish, cats and ice.  I have no idea why that post comes up so frequently.

I have outlined the 2009 goals and what my plans were to reach them below.  I've used a colour code to help me visually see progress.  Green means I have completed it, yellow means its in progress, red means that it has not happened.

Producing pieces of art is the essences of being an artist.

Bluegill - gyotaku/multimedia

Smelt - gyotaku/watercolour

I will produce a body of work in gyotaku.  This will be a minimum of 8 large pieces that are cohesive and connected and that will be exhibited at a local gallery. I am hoping that it will be tied into a grant, but if the grant doesn't materialize, the work will still exist.  I will simply have to work harder to produce other pieces to support its existence.    
  • I have completed this body of work and additional prints are still in progress as it spills over beyond the required task.
 I will continue to produce portraits of both people and animals for pleasure and commissions.  

Masai woman

 The artist's mother

Katie - commission
  • I have completed a number of portraits this year, some for pleasure, some for commissions.  Commission numbers grew by 18% compared to 2009.
  • I sold 43 pieces of art this year.  Not enough to give up the day job yet...
I will experiment in other mediums and become familiar with them.  

 Lionfish - batik/watercolour

  • I spend time perfecting the technique of gyotaku;   
  • I experimented with learning and sharing a technique of faux batik.  
  • I reacquainted myself with acrylics and their benefits and drawbacks.   
  • Early in 2010 I used frost as a new medium!
I will take a portrait class with Gerry Squires.   I have wanted to do this for years, but timing has always clashed.  Its not cheap to do, but well worth it in terms of information learned from him

  • I still have not found a class at the right time, but I will persist until I do.
Additional work:
  • In late summer I started a series of paintings of Hidden Rivers in St. John’s
  • I have produced paintings of fish and water in watercolours, oils, acrylics and dry media.

I haven't devoted enough time to network with other local artists in the real world.  The online art community is vital and important, but the real world is often where more art sells and I have neglected that.

I will become involved in the creation of a local artist's group to draw or paint with, exhibit with and learn with.    
I have tried off and on during the year to start a group, but have had no success to date locally.  There has been nterest internationally online. 

I will become a member of two other art organizations locally that will increase my visibility and allow me additional opportunities to show my art.    

I will submit art to the provincial Art Bank, Arts and Letters Awards and to a minimum of two juried exhibitions.   
  • I submitted three pieces of work into provincial Art Bank, but they were not accepted. In 2009 I di have a piece accepted.
  • A piece was submitted and is currently under review for Arts and Letters Competition.  I will know status in the spring.    
  • I entered a piece in the Artist Magazine Multi Media competition.

Addtional work:
Kisses for Haiti Ebay Charity Auction reproduction
  • I produced the first monthly newsletter in September 2010 and have done so on the 15th of the month since.
  • In January 2010I held an online auction to raise funds for disaster relief in Haiti.  Kisses for Haiti raised $255 in the sale of a Purity Kisses 12 x 18" reproduction. The proceeds went to Doctors without Borders.
  • I revised the look of this blog and created a ‘brand’ that is used on email signatures, blog, etc. 
  • I created dedicated pages on the blog for sales, tutorials, etc.
  • I created a new business card to reflect my gyotaku direction and tie in with the project
  • I am near completion of a book about the process of The Gyotaku Project what will be available in 2011.

Art is the bread and butter of artists.  At this point in life, no I don't need it to exist and yes if I did, it could be a tenuous existance.  However, I want recognition for my work, tangible recognition for my creativity, years of learning and hard work.

I will produce and market prints and greeting cards of my work through local stores as well as my Etsy shop.     

  • In September I signed a contract with Heritage Association to distribute Purity Kisses and Merry Christmas Hares in print and card form in select Heritage Shops.
  • I marketed prints and portraiture commissions on Kijiji and through Etsy  
    • I created pages on my blog to market art and prints. 
    • Gyotaku note cards are being used by a local restaurant for promotion/thank you cards.

    I will apply for a local grant to support the creation of a body of work,   

    I will develop drawing and painting tutorials which will be for sale online.  I would like to produce four of these as a minimum.   

    • Two tutorials available for sale on the blog, another tutorial is complete will be available free of charge before the end of the year; 
    • Two additional tutorials are partially completed

    I will market and offer workshops in my strength areas of drawing, coloured pencil, gyotaku and watercolour 
    • I have provided private drawing lessons to individuals, but have not had time to offer structured workshops. A gyotaku workshop planned for March 2010.

    I will hold an exhibition of works for sale.   
    • Bacalao  is currently holding a preview of gyotaku prints December – February.    
    • An exhibition of gyotaku project planned for spring 2011.

Within the next couple of days I will share some of my plans for 2011.   Have you reviewed your year yet?


Julie Broom said...

Gosh, well done Jeanette. That's quite a year of artistic achievement. I dread to think how my goals and actuals will tie up for 2010!

Carolyn A. Pappas said...

It looks like you had a very productive year. Congratulations. I am still writing up my 2011 goals. I am going to start selling my artwork for the first time this year which will be my biggest goal.

Paula Pertile said...

This is so well organized and thought out, and ambitious! Some of mine are very similar. I look forward to seeing your ones for the new year.

Rose Welty said...

Well done Jeanette. You've had a very successful year. Your output has been strong and consistent all year. I hope next year provides enough sales that we can enjoy more work from you (I.e. The end of the day job). Looking forward to next year's plans.

Ann said...

Very impressive! You have certainly raised the bar for me in terms of achievement :-) You continue to inspire through sharing your work here and with your excellent newsletter. Keep it coming and may 2011 be doubly successful for you!

Jean Spitzer said...

Impressive and inspiring.

Thanks for sharing. You've provided much to think about.

And happy new year.

Jeanette said...

Julie, I really pushed myself this year and my plate was fairly full, but I need that incentive to keep me moving.

Its amazing just what you do achieve when you put it down on paper, even if you believe you haven't done that much.

Carolyn, that's a wonderful goal and I hope you have every success with selling your work.

Paula, yes it was ambitious and kept me pretty busy. I think most artists have similar goals just slightly different ways of reaching them. Its interesting to read other artists' plans for the coming year and get new ideas too.

Thanks Rose, I appreciate your support. I would like to have more time too for output. Just have to bump up the sales side first!

Ann, thank you. I'm an all or nothing person, so I dive in face first, then worry about how it all gets done. :)

Like everyone, I find and make time to do this. It does depend on other commitments and the degree of 'want' as well. I've learned to be selfish again.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Jean, we must have posted at the same time.

I see what I want and sometimes its in reach, sometimes not. I'm always willing to try for it.

Jo Castillo said...

Thanks for posting this. As many of the others say, it is inspiring and encouraging. Best wishes for much success in the New Year!

Sue Pownall (aka travelingsuep) said...

Congratulations on achieving so much this year. Good luck with everything you wish to achieve in the future.

I'm still thinking about my year, last year's art resolutions, and although I've been re-evaluating constantly throughout the year, I do not have anything to publicly write yet. maybe in the next week or so.

Happy New Year, may it bring you peace and happiness.

RH Carpenter said...

Congratulations on all you've accomplished, Jeanette and congratulations on having a clear plan for each year. This is something I need to do more than half-heartedly - and then try to attain the goals I set.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Congratulations, Jeanette, on a most productive and successful year. We artists too often forget the business side of our work. In my "office" job, I have always produced and maintained a list of goals and priorities, project plans, risk management plans etc for all my activities...but why have I not done the same for my painting activities. You are an inspiration and have just provided me with a great New Year's resolution. Thank you!

All the best in 2011!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Many congratulations Jeanette - that's a very impressive year! I really felt like this year you moved up a gear and started to really motor.

I would also mention that you and Tripod also won two of my Making A Mark Awards and one of your works came joint third in Picture of the Year on an Art Blog 2010!

Jeanette said...

Thank you Jo. Its good to write things down and share them. It keeps me accountable! The very best for a wonderful new year.

Thanks Sue. Goals, whether made public or in your head are good things to have and to measure progress by.

All good wishes for 2011, I hope it is everything you want it to be.

Rhonda, I need those tangibles to keep me on track and creating plans is how I get where I want to go - or at least try to! Start by writing down what you've done in the last year and think about what you want to achieve. You'll be amazed at what you have and can do.

Christiane, the business of art is exactly the same as any other business. All the same planning and evaluation tools are used, same risk management, etc. I use pretty much the same techniques that I use in my day job, its easy to translate over to art.

Its really useful to track what you do and how you do it. I'd recommend it highly to everyone. Happy New Year!

Katherine, the tangible of a grant pushed me ahead as well as a solid plan and knowing more strongly what I wanted to do this year. I just need more hours in my day!

These awards are wonderful! Recognition from my peers means much more than anything else could. Thank you! Tripod will give his input tonight - if he feels like it. You know how he gets. I did see him in the barn awhile ago muttering about that now he was 'a moose' the ducks better watch out.