Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Painting and printing

As  usual I have a dozen things going on at once, and sometimes it becomes a little overwhelming.  However, when I sit down and break it into chunks, I usually can wrap my head around it.

I've been finishing some more gyotaku prints to meet my self imposed deadline of December 31st to finish them.  This time its capelin.  I can't get away with painting them larger than life and have to deal with one by one inking their tiny bodies and molding the paper gently over them to get a good impression.  Some you win, some you lose, some the capelin loses.  Capelin are fairly fragile being small but I usually manage to get about 8 or 10 prints from a single fish before it starts to disintegrate.  Yes, I know, more information than you need to know.

While waiting for the capelin prints to dry before I can add more detail, I did some more work on Monty, the bulldog. It still has a ways to go yet and I'm not sure if the proportions are quite right now that I look at it.  He has the look that says he knows where the biscuit tin is and he's not moving til he gets some. 


Jennifer Rose said...

monty does have that look to him, hand the cookies over or i will drool on you :p

Hedera said...

Laughing... Monty does have a certain intensity about him!
I really like the effect of the three fish on a plain background - they look as though they are moving across the paper at great speed.
My "Christmas Hare" greeting cards arrived yesterday and they are wonderful. Thanks again.

Jeanette said...

Monty's going downhill fast and may well be a paintover I fear.

Denise, the little capelin are my favourite fish, so experimenting with prints is always fun.

I'm glad the cards arrived safe and sound. Enjoy.

RHCarpenter said...

Sorry to hear Monty may be a do-over. He was looking so good! The little fish look so delicate, I can imagine what a light touch it must take to get the prints.

A Brush with Color said...

You are so prolific, Jeanette! Lovely