Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coyote study

Its funny.  When I have lots of time, I can't get lots of painting done.  When I'm pressed for time, I can. Inspiration is a little low right now and I'm playing around with sketches to see what I want to do next.

Today, the face of a coyote seems to be in my head and needs to come out. I think coyotes are lovely looking animals, but I'm not keen on having them around the farm as they kill a lot of livestock. I did a sketch in pastels to get an idea of whether I wanted to pursue it or not.  I love working out ideas through studies.  I know I go on and on about it, but they are so useful and save time in the long run.  I can work out colours and composition and know some of the problems that may crop up and how to solve them before becoming frustrated with a larger piece.

I think this coyote has possibilities so I'll get a drawing done tonight.  Perhaps some black Canson paper and pastel I think, for a change.


RH Carpenter said...

The fact that it's just half of the face really appeals to me, Jeanette. Perhaps when you do the final, he could be behind a tree looking out? That's what I thought this was when I saw it smaller on the blogroll.

Jeanette said...

I know what you mean Rhonda and the appeal, but I think that composition's been done to death with wolves, etc. So no tree for this guy, just a full face view. :)

Jennifer Rose said...

that study on its own is a wonderful drawing :)
true blood coyotes are becoming a rarity in some parts of Canada, breeding with wolves and dogs I think is what I read, or it could be the other way around.don't remember lol

in alberta, people would actually drive towards them on the side of the road to try and hit them :( I know they kill livestock, but they don't deserve that :/

Wai Li said...

Where I come from, we'd describe this as "boss" meaning it's really good! Love it <3

Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

Hi Jeanette,
Wow! This is simply beautiful and I hope you turn it into a complete work, whatever that means. I mean, it's perfect as is, so please feel free to completely disregard my misguided suggestion about "complete".
Anyway, I really like it.

Benco said...

Caught my eye this did, striking study, I really like it.

Jeanette said...

Jennifer, coyotes do have a bad name. I know they do what they do, but when its your own livestock they kill, I can see why people get fed up with them. Still, they are beautiful animals I think.

Thanks Wai Li, much appreciated.

Gary, its on the easel - a larger scale version of this study. I like using a study for work out the kinks.

Benco, a direct stare is compelling isn't it? It almost forces you to look.

John Garrett said...


Amazing work on the Coyote!
I used to live in a desert area in the eastern section of Southern California and there were quite a few coyotes there. One night my Greyhound was barking frantically and I opened the door and there was a magnificent Coyote and we locked eyes for a second and he was off.

I agree about being pressed for time will improve the chances of completing a project.