Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Or a single flower to be precise.

I don't paint flowers.  They've never interested me enough to do so.  I don't like receiving cut flowers either.  I'd prefer they stayed on the plant.  With a greenhouse full of flowers each year, I think I'm immune to their charms.

But occasionally I try my hand at one just to see what happens.  And so this is the beginning of a pink peony. I'm using a 16" x 20" Arches Art board and haven't used one for watercolour yet and have to say that I quite like this surface.  Its hot press, so very smooth and quite forgiving.

I have another fall back piece for drawing when this flower makes me too crazy, but I'll persevere with this for awhile and see what happens.   I know that I *can* paint flowers, but my disinterest in them pushes the appeal to the back burner which is why I rarely paint them.  Funny how we each gravitate to different subjects isn't it?

The initial stages of the painting aren't too appealing yet, but I'll work on more layers and see if it gets past the ugly duckling stage.


laura said...

Great start--beautiful shapes.
I often work on two paintings at once, switching back and forth when I get an idea.

canvas artwork said...

i think this one is prity cool

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks Laura. Yes, its good to have a couple of pieces on the go at once.

Thanks Canvas. Flowers are outside of my comfort zone, but I keep on trying anyway.