Monday, June 20, 2011

Salmon Cove Sands

In the one fine day that my holiday seems to have attracted so far, I drove to Salmon Cove Sands to take some photos.  Its a beautiful area, wild and rugged.  The long sandy beach was completely deserted as the park wasn't open for the season yet.

The tide was far out and the breakers were large, rolling in with gulls and terns swirling overhead.  These are a couple of acrylic sketches of the scenes at the beach.  The rocks there are huge monoliths and the scene is like something from another world.  This sketch is of the nearest, smallest rock jutting out of the sand. The larger ones were like islands in their own right.

This is Salmon Cove Sands on a calmer day for the sea.

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jane minter said...

brilliant rock sketch jeanette .. will follow coyote .