Saturday, February 11, 2012


Living on the ocean, fog is a very common occurance.   When the sun is up it seems to force it back to the edge of the horizon where it lurks like a murky blanket, waiting to slide in over the water and land.

At dusk, it starts to creep forward and lose its rolled form, flattening out to fill every nook and cranny with cool, moist air. 

This piece is in oils, 12" x 12" on canvas panel. I'm not sure if its finished yet or not.  It was produced fairly quickly with a large brush.  Sometimes that works, and I don't second guess.  This time I am wondering if there is enough contrast in the piece.  A few days to let it sit will usually tell me what to do.

Today I joined Daily Paintworks to use their auction format for a few test paintings. You can find the link to my gallery here or on the right side at the top of this blog. I find eBay has become very expensive to auction items on and I mostly use Etsy.  Of course with the numbers of artists out there all selling something, its difficult to be seen individually sometimes, so worthwhile to try a few new options for selling work online. 


Sue Pownall said...

I like it as it is.

I popped over to Daily Paintworks yesterday to see your work. Good luck (seems complicated to me).

Hedera said...

I like this painting too Jeanette - it's like being aboard a small boat, looking back at land through a spray splashed port-hole... very atmospheric.