Friday, February 10, 2012

Lucie Rose sails!

Lucie Rose
12" x 24", oil on stretched canvas

I stopped procrastinating and put the final glazes and touches on the Lucie Rose and now its ready to sail out into the world.  This one of several paintings in a boat series.  The shapes of boats and the little details that make them unique making interesting subject matter.  And of course, the water.

I have one last 15 x 30 panel that will host another boat painting.  I will draw it out this weekend and make a start on the underpainting. 

I love the technique and detail, but at times I am seduced by loose, free paintings that let me put down colour and form and not think of detail.   Where does my style fit in?  What is my style? Is style defined by technique or by subject matter, or both?  I wish I could make a firm decision on the path I want to travel and stick with it.