Monday, September 30, 2013

Portrait swap - Gary Everest

Earlier in the summer, friend, portrait artist and fellow blogger, Gary Everest and I decided, at my suggest I might add...yes, me who paints fish and water, to do a portrait swap of each other.  It never was intended to be a physical swap of portraits, but like Topsy, it grew and grew.

In August I sent the portrait I painted of Gary winging its way to Honolulu to bask in the sun.  Today, Gary's portrait of me arrived to spend its life in a northern climate.  I checked the box, it didn't bring a sweater with it.  Not that it needed it today, it was 24C here today! The life in the skin tones and eyes is lovely in this portrait and really can't be seen in a photo on a computer screen.  If you're in my studio, ask to see Gary's portrait of me so you can see the colours and values for yourself.

Gary's ability at portraiture is apparent and while I didn't try to turn him into a fish, I'm sure the aquatic colouring in my portrait of him crept in there despite my best efforts. :)    Mine was loose and impressionistic, reflecting those colours and light in the Hawaiian landscape that he's lucky enough to live in.

Thanks Gary for a beautiful painting that I shall treasure. Of course, I had my hair cut since the image was sent but its me!  I'd strongly suggest that you visit Gary's blog and take some time to explore his portraits, they are beautiful and full of life.

Would I do a portrait swap again?  In a heartbeat, it was interesting, fun to push my work outside my usual comfort zone but without stress because it wasn't a paid commission.


Gary L. Everest said...

Aloha Jeanette,
24-degrees C.!!!! :) Sweet summer lives on in Newfoundland!! Lucky you!
Just wanted to say how relieved I was to see your smiling face with the portrait. Whew!
The swap was great fun and I dearly love your portrait of me. It's in my studio where I can, not only enjoy it, but be inspired when I need to see how a painting done by a true artist, should and could look. The colors and gills are an added bonus! Just kidding. :)
Thanks again for suggesting the swap and being so patient waiting for slow, old me to get it done.
Have a great evening.

Sue Pownall said...

It's a lovely portrait (congrats Gary) and I love your new haircut.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Gary, it was a treat to receive such a beautiful gift. It will be proudly displayed for my pleasure as well as a testament to your portraiture abilities for others to admire.

Thanks Sue. It was past time the hair was gone. :)

RH Carpenter said...

The portrait is great! And I love your new hair style - you must be like me: My hair stylist says I always cut my hair shorter in the winter and grow it out in the summer = opposite to most people! ha ha

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you both did such a great job with them :D

Jeanette Jobson said...

Hi Rhonda, yes Gary does fabulous work, we're both in the "Gary" club now for portraits :) I HATE going to a hairdresser, nothing could be worse to me. So I put it off and put it off until I'm desperate then, on a whim, I go get it chopped off. Like now.

Thanks Jen, it was great fun to do. I may try a swap again next year with someone, its a learning experience.

suzanneberry said...

What a wonderful idea! and what wonderful work! i really love them both, beautifully done. your portrait of Gary is one of my favorite of yours!


brilliant challenge and swap ....portraits to treasure jeanette ... will take to look at gary's work