Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Jumpers - complete

 The Jumpers
15" x 30" oil

Some early morning starts freed up painting time and let me make a concerted effort to complete this painting, The Jumpers.   Between classes and prep time, my painting time gets eaten into a  bit, so I'm finding any way I can to fit it in here and there.  Even with half an hour, its amazing just how much can be accomplished, especially if I don't let myself get sidetracked with email or Facebook, etc.

acrylic colour study   8 x 10

So here is the final image sitting in the studio waiting to see if a tweak or two is needed over the next few days before it joins its friends in the Water People series that's slowly growing.  I have a few more in this series yet to complete with sketches or colour studies done.  All I need is time!


Celeste Bergin said...

two lovely paintings!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

turned out lovely :) i'm glad you didnt add anything else to it, might have been too busy

i've seen sky do that many times, just stares at the ball tho and it would drift away if one of us didnt go get it since she wont go in the water :p