Saturday, April 22, 2006

Beach huts

Its is a cold, wet, windy day here - a full week of RDF (rain, drizzle and fog) which always seems to herald spring at some point in April in Newfoundland. But today, I brought summer into my life.

I browsed through images in the Weekend Drawing Event at Wet Canvas and found a picture of some beach huts. I had forgotten completely about beach huts and how common they were on the coast in England. This image reminded me of hot summer days, salt sea breeze, sand in every nook and cranny, hot, tired children, hotter, more tired parents, ice cream, seaside stalls selling brightly coloured buckets and spades and inflatables. And beach huts.

Beach huts have moved upscale it seems. With celebrities snapping them up in select areas, a 12' x 12' beach hut can sell for 125,000 up to 160,000 pounds. More than the average house costs to purchase!

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kenflett said...

Your work is very nice,lovely and your blog is good, especially like all of the links you provide. THank you.

Making A Mark said...

I haven't had a look but I bet you they are near to Sandbanks just outside Poole in Dorset which somebody once told me is the most expensive place to live in the UK!

Lovely work Jeanette - and so nice to have a blast of summer memories in the middle of the RDF - if it's any consoliation London is grey today!