Friday, April 14, 2006

Drawing on eggshells

There are lots of ducks and geese and chickens in the barn and lots of eggs. The goose eggs that aren't used for hatching or infertile ones are sold for craft purposes for $1 each. I have taken a dozen of these blown goose eggs and have begun to think out designs to create. There are a number of ideas spinning around in my head. One is the image of an embryo gosling, almost like a window into the mysterious world of a hatching egg. I'll work on that image for awhile.

Then I explored a bit more to see what other people are doing in art on eggshells and came across this site of Jules Grant. He does the most amazingly detailed drawing on eggshells. Just beautiful.

Another artist creating on eggshells is Ginny Barkman.I wish everyone could experience the moment of revelation of the final colors and design as I am able to do. Each stage of the design is done simplistically, but the combination of all parts revealed is extremely complex. Some times the anticipation causes me to work feverishly to the end with long hours. I want to see the final finished egg that has been hidden for so long. To me, this is the enjoyment of creation, to see the end result and marvel at it. ~ Ginny Barkman

Or Ruth's beautifully decorated eggs.

My own egg decorating hasn't advanced much yet so there's nothing that I dare show. Instead I'll share some of my sketchbook for today. The first is a dog from the weekend drawing event at Wet Canvas and second the start of a self portrait.

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Katherine said...

Hi Jeanette - just found your blog and I've been reading your posts and looking at your drawings. It's nice to see somebody having a good look round at other sites and looking at conventional things in different ways. All in all - very interesting! :D I've added your feed to my Bloglines list of blogs I read.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thank you Katherine. I visit you site often and love your writing and your drawings. There is always something there to fascinate me.