Sunday, April 09, 2006

Field trips

I like to wander and see other artist's blogs and experience what they are creating. It amazes me the levels of creativity and productivity that exists in the world. It makes what I create pale in comparison.

Duane Keiser's site always amazes me with such perfect little paintings of every day life nearly daily. I am succeeding in daily drawing, but its not always easy or the end drawing is scrapped.

My productivity depends on external factors and emotional levels. Weekends let me recharge and draw for hours. I can almost feel the calmness indicator rising as I draw or paint. This weekend I have found time for the Weekend Drawing Event at Wet Canvas and came up with a couple of sketches from the images available. These were done in pen & ink, and coloured with Derwent Studio Pencils in my sketchbook 8 x 5.

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