Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Money and art and productivity

Which fuels which? Do you draw to make money? Does more money mean more productivity? Or more productivity mean less art? Or do you produce art because it is an internal drive that has to come out? Its likely a bit of all three for most of us in varying degrees.

One site I've stumbled across combines these elements Sketch It. For a dollar, the artist sketches your concept in under a minute. Unique, interesting and if you want to lighten your pocket change and put art into your thoughts its worth a look.

So many art related blogs are turning up that help jog creativity or nudge your mind into productivity. There are sketch crawls, drawing rooms, blind contour drawing, everyday drawing, sketch books of every description. Its pure eye candy for the artist and his/her mind to be inspired.

My inspiration is the initial sketches of some dogs that are a commission. I like to do a small version and experiment with colour and pose before I tackle the full image. Here is the first drawings.

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