Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An eye for art

I find lately that my shopping excursions tend to have me eyeing up vegetables or fruit or interesting arrangements of bowls or glass with a new eye. I'm not there to buy groceries or household items for practical purposes. I'm buying items for their art appeal. I'm thinking about how they would look in a drawing or composing images in my head using the colours or shapes that I see in some of these stores.

That is how this sketch came about. Done in pencil in my Moleskine 8.5 x 5. I was in Shoppers Drug Mart looking for a bottle of water to drink and came across a display of Welsh bottled water - Ty Nant. (you never know what you'll find in Shoppers...) The shape of the bottle was so appealing instantly. It reminded me of an ice sculpture, like those I've seen in the Crystal Garden in Ottawa during Winterlude. For the exhorbitant price of $2.49 or similar, I bought my art treasure home and continue to refill it over and over as I can't bear to part with the bottle. Now I'm wondering how it would look with coloured water in it; with sunlight pouring through it; in shadow; frozen...the possibilities are endless. Good value for $2.49 I think.

The bottle itself has broken new ground it seems, according to Antiques of the Future.

Clear plastic water bottle with organic ripples. This has been noted in engineering magazines for being the first blow-molded, asymmetric PET bottle. The water is bottled in Wales.

Manufacturer: Ty-Nant

Copyright Date: 2001

Materials: PET Plastic

Museums: What is Design Today Exhibition, The Design Center 10/02

Awards: `Premier Award’ from the Bottledwaterworld awards in Italy - March, 2002. ‘Golden’ Grocery Advertising and Marketing Industry Award for best PR campaign 2002. ‘Oscar’s De L ‘Emballage’ Award France, 2002.

Publications: Modern Plastics 8/02, Bon Voyage, France Graphique, Joyce, L'uisine Nouvelle, and Emballages Magazin

When I arrived home today, the Pekin ducks were lounging in the grass (well more weeds than grass) and looking very relaxed in the shade. They are my favourite ducks, noisy and lively, always sifting through the grass with their beaks as if they're perpetually looking for something they've lost.

It seems Blogger is having problems again loading photos so the duck photo will have to wait awhile.

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Mary said...

Beautiful bottle, Jeanette. I hear you when you have the urge to buy something for it artistic values. I find myself staring at humidity stains on the walls of houses in the street.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Oh yes Mary, those would make great starts for abstract paintings!