Saturday, August 12, 2006

Things you never thought you'd be doing...

Drawing lint.

Yep, that's what I was doing today. And ice cubes. Not ordinary ice cubes,but little ones shaped like fish and pineapples. At 6am. No, I'm not losing my mind - not that I know of anyway. I'm taking part in the 6th Scavenger Hunt at WetCanvas and these are some of the 26 items on a list to complete. As I'm slow and tied up with other tasks, its highly unlikely that I'll ever complete a scavenger hunt, but its fun to make myself draw on a daily basis from life.

I've also been putting together the bones of a beginner's drawing class to teach locally. People keep asking me to start one, and now seems a good time. Once I have a place secured, I will let people know then see what happens. I strongly believe that good drawing is the basis for all art. So many people dive straight into painting without any training in drawing and then wonder why they are frustrated and that nothing ever looks right. Its like trying to stand without a backbone. It just won't happen.

I have a couple of options of places and will offer intermediate and advanced drawing classes perhaps at the same time, working a couple of nights a week if demand is there.

I got the basis of the watercolour of my mother down on paper, but I"m not happy with the tones so far. Its weak and blah looking. I want stronger tones and harder edges in some areas of the face. I'll continue to work on it and see what happens. Watercolour is such a unique medium and so easy to fool up with too. This is a scan as I'm waiting for the batteries to charge for the camera, so I don't think its the true colours of this painting.

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"JeanneG" said...

If you think your time is stretched thin now, wait until you start the classes. Geese, greenhouse, full-time job, and now a class. Yikes lady, do you sleep? Jeanne

Mallika said...

*smile* I like how we sometimes get inspired by the oddest things.