Friday, August 11, 2006

Feline approval

I emailed the final drawing of Horus to his owner, Mallika and this morning I found the following photos in my email. Horus has given the paw of approval! Thanks Mallika and Horus for letting me use the image and for sharing it with the world. Always a pleasure.

Tonight I'm starting a watercolour of my mother from a sketch I did the other day. I'm not sure if its going well yet or not. Perhaps tomorrow I will be brave enough to post something. Right now, its at the 'ugly' stage.

I was asked how many of my drawings never make the cut to be acceptable. I have been thinking about that and its a little difficult to say. All drawings have meaning at some level. But whether or not they are suitable, in my eyes, for framing or selling is another thing. What is the criteria for a 'good' drawing? It is so individual that I can't give a good set of criteria to use. For me, its mostly down to measurements being off and therefore not acheiving a likeness, as most of my drawings and paintings are of people and animals. In the case of commissions, if an image doesn't present what the client had in their minds eye, it can be classed and unacceptable. It is rare and usually then a fe minor tweaks are all that are necessary. Accurate initial line drawings are the essential backbone of any work and if the initial drawing is off, it won't matter what magic you try with paints or other mediums, it won't look good. Drawing is the basis of all works of art, with perhaps the exception of abstracts. And drawing is what makes or breaks the overall image's worth.

I have a portfolio full of 'mistakes'. I don't discard them, but I don't flaunt them either. There are there as reminders of what I have done and what I can do and what I should do. They represent differnt levels of expertise and experience and provide a record of movement across time. This is an image done 20 years ago of my daughter, compared to one done a few months ago. Aside from the passage of time, I see a difference in style too.

Neither are good or bad sketches, just different from each other.

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Anita said...

Its always such a pleasure to visit your blog, Jeanette. Such a variety in your entries. This kitty is just fantastic.

Mary said...

Oh Jeanette, that picture is just so incredible and you cat has such beautiful eyes and markings.

jm said...

That's an interesting idea, Jeanette, that art can't properly be judged as good or bad, necessarily, because it is as individual as we are individual. I believe it's the same with writing. What is the criteria for 'good' drawing, you ask? What is the criteria for 'good' writing? For anything 'good' in creative expression?

Lovely post, and IMO your art is beautiful, too.

Anonymous said...

The photo of the cat is priceless! He is adorable and your drawing of him is wonderful! Your drawings are awesome and I enjoy being able to look at them.


Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks Anita. Seems I can never decide on just one medium and stick with it. Each one that I am using at the time is the one I love.

Isn't he a handsome cat Mary? The features are so delicate and classic.

Thank you jm. Art and writing are similar creative processes and the evaluation of each is similar. Society sets certain 'norms' and makes comparisons from those, right or wrong. I prefer to think things are either to my taste or not but not term them as good or bad.

Thanks so much Debbie. Yes, Horus viewing Horus is a wonderful shot. Mallika caught the moment so well.