Sunday, October 22, 2006

Art as currency

Just as ACEO's have taken over the art world, I was sent a link to something that seems a little similar, but with a twist. Its becoming legal tender. Art Money. The concept is rather interesting so I've signed up for it and will produce the entrance fee of three 4 3/4 x 7 inch pieces of art. Larger than ACEO's they provide more room to express myself and expand details. Details of what needs to be on the art money, how to apply and how to participate, is found on BIAM's website.

The Bank of International Art Money is an original art object by which we aim to create a global alternative currency. This art project was born as an attempt to introduce a more humane global alternative currency from original art.

The purpose of BIAM is

* To offer artists worldwide the chance of financial freedom and worldwide exposure in order to focus on the creative process in the pursuit of a beautyfull world.
* To integrate an alternative global currency with local currencies world wide as a setp towards equal shopping conditions for rich and poor reguardless of the conditions of the local social environment in the persuit of a world of individual choise and personal freedom.
* To create an art object with a pratical social application. Using art money to pay for private accomodation will bring people together in an intimate private situation. This may offer the chance for new friendships among strangers from all over the world. This currency may as such function as a human link across cultural, racial, linguistic, political and religious barriers in the pursuit of a peacefull world.

Seven rules apply to the production and use of art money

1. Art money is created by artist’s registered in BIAM. Each artist can issue an amount equivalent to the value of own art production.
2. Art money measures 12x18 cm (4 3/4 x 7 inches). All durable materials can be used. The bill shows serial number, year of production,, nationality, artist readable name, artist original signature.
3. Art money must be an original work of art and show a visible sign of the artist’s physical work.
4. Art money starts at a value of 27 Euro and increases by 5 Euro per year for 7 years. The increase in value can be used only when purchasing art from art money artists.
5. Art money is guaranteed to buy art and services at registered BIAM artists for up to 50% of purchase price.
6. Art money can be used as a means of payment in registered BIAM shops and industry in respect of the individual policy of the business. It may well be used other places where accept is found.
7. Art money can not be exchanged back into cash from the artist.

I have included the second of the trilogy of portraits that I am creating here. Today I will start the colour process.

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Katherine said...

How interesting - I must investigate!

Jeanette Jobson said...

I must say I embrace the concept. Its a little like going back to a barter system in a way and that is something I already use.

My currency is chickens, eggs and produce. It 'buys' lots of things. :o) so why not art?