Friday, October 27, 2006


Crows are a constant around the farm and to be honest I don't really mind them. They can be a bit noisy around the time they have young with them in early summer but they mostly keep to themselves. They have a buffet of mice from the barn that are caught in traps. Its a bit like feeding the mafia and in return they don't cause problems.

The ducks and geese tolerate them usually to unless they get too close to their food, even them some days a blind eye is turned. The crows do act as sentinels and I can tell from their calls when a hawk is around. They act as an early warning system and send the other smaller birds flying for cover when danger is around.

The sketch however, is of a baby robin, mostly graphite with a touch of coloured pencil. The funny little face was too hard to resist. And completed, if my records are correct, 24 years ago.

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Mary said...

Jeanette you always manage to get some incredible shots of animal on your farm and your sketches are always so delightful.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thanks Mary. These photos were a bit fuzzy as I was rather far away when I took them and used the zoom. But I couldn't resist the shots.