Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sometimes they find me

I have done some work on the first portrait. I used Derwent Drawing pencils and though the sunglasses aren't quite what I want, its ok. It isn't a commission, but I still demand things of myself. We all have exacting standards in art for ourselves, don't we? I think the next portrait will be done in watercolour. I just need time to do everything that I want.

Then along came a surprise. There has been a feral cat, or supposed feral, who has appeared off and on for a year or more, hanging around the barn. The cat is missing a front leg or rather the paw portion to the 'knee'. It still moves well but hobbles and has to remain on the ground as its ability to jump up on objects is limited. In the last few weeks, its been given some food which it wolfs down, constantly looking over its shoulder as if something is going to seize the food. The cat will not let anyone within 10 feet of it and bolts if you move suddenly or come near. Til today.

I came home from work to see the cat sitting on the steps with the two Muscovy ducks at the bottom. She quickly moved down the steps as I got out of the car then stopped. I moved very slowly towards her (I'm saying her, but I'm not really sure at this point it its male or female) and she finally came over and sniffed my hand then nlet me stroke her. Its as if a floodgate opened and she couldn't get enough stroking. She leaned into my hand, head butted me, and purred like a diesel engine. But she was still wary. She looked as though she wanted to come into the house, but was so timid. Perhaps over a period of time she will get braver and venture in.

She loves her food however and has the loudest voice I have ever heard on a cat! Each picture I tried taking of her, she was vocalizing so most images are like this one.

So because of the three legs, I've nicknamed her Tripod. Silly I know, but it seems to suit her. My own cat died 10 months ago after 18 years and I said I wouldn't have another inside animal. Seems I may be wrong. Sometimes animals find me instead of me finding them. More drawing material...

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am-art said...

I've missed reading your blog - life has got in the way. Your sketches as always a total joy! Your portrait is great!

Jeanette Jobson said...

great to hear from you Anita. How's life the the sandbox? :)

Loretta said...

I so agree with your comment on my blog about being more in touch with internet friends than those in real time.

I just was speaking with my daughter of the same thing and, being 14, she couldn't understand how I could be satisfied with such a limited relationship.

She's too young to understand the intensity of shared interests and feelings, and the lack of time to do more.

Your blog is so lovely. Your life appears to be a perfect tune of art and nature - I know it can't really be, but your pictures tell that story.

Jeanette Jobson said...

Thank you Loretta. Adolescents really don't understand the nuances of life until they live them.

The blend of art and nature is hard work but if I can make it appear seamless, then its another successful artistic endeavour. :o)

yanook said...

Nice art and well your cat is not has fat has mine.