Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Autumn cowboys

This is a study of a young cowboy done for a weekly drawing thread last week. He looks rather undernourished to me and I can't see him wrestling steers or heaving bales of hay without keeling over. But I guess he wasn't chosen for the purpose of profiling the real cowboys of the world. I think this is more the San Francisco hate mail from cowboys in SF please.

I happened to look out the dining room window and noticed that the Embden geese had gone into the field with the horse who was grazing there. The horse quite likes the geese and often spent time looking over the fence into their pen, much to their horror at the time. But they got used to her and she never harms them so they hang out together in the field sometimes.

The changing colours of the leaves and the peace of the animals together is always warming. This is also the view I see from the studio that I work in, just on a higher level.


am-art said...

What a view - no wonder you are so inspired! All that green......I dream of green! The sandbox is sandy, and hot (though getting cooler now).

Jeanette Jobson said...

I'll keep feeding your green urges if you throw me a glimpse or too of the heat. Deal? :o)

"JeanneG" said...

I really like getting a look at all your greenery and all the animals. I am an animal lover too but couldn't raise them for sale. I wouldn't make a very good farm girl. I prefer my eggs "anemic" as they are all I have ever had. The fresh ones are too orangey for me. lol

As a very young girl, I saw my dad wring the necks of some chickens. Now I don't want to meet anything I have to eat. I have a hard enough time with meat as it is. Once an animal has been in my house for a week, it stays. (Except critters like mice...that one you had in the bucket gave me chills).