Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Birds of prey

Its inevitable that if you have chickens and ducks and geese wandering around your yard, you attract things that want to eat them. Coyotes, foxes, mink and hawks have all tried their hand at catching a bird and many have been successful unfortunately.

This newest visitor was perched in the tree watching from his vantage point, waiting for a chance to swoop down. It is a goshawk and they are large hawks with a wingspan of about 3 feet. He, or a relative, caught a chicken previously and obviously knows where the good meal deals are.

I don't like losing a bird to a hawk or any other prey animal, but these are beautiful birds to watch and to see them fly is amazing they are so large. Today he wasn't lucky, lets hope that luck doesn't change.

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1 comment:

"JeanneG" said...

You would think he would get caught in all those branches. And so dense. He is amazing. Looks like he has a royal attitude.