Friday, October 06, 2006

Grey and red tomatoes

Here it is: Grey Tomatoes on recycled computer paper, with mechanical pencil 2B and HB .05 and .07 respectively. You think Michaelangelo had access to art stores???

I've been doing a drawing of some tomatoes from the greenhouse as a demo for shading for a class I'm facilitating. I started it at work on some computer paper with a mechanical pencil and now I'm at the point of making the decision of whether to continue on or take the image onto better paper and complete it.

Then again, a piece of scrap computer paper might make a statement in itself. I read recently about someone who uses 'found' pieces of paper to create drawings on. Usually very old documents - antiques in their own right I would think. And he's done some interest work on these pieces. Maybe my drawing will be the 'found' piece of paper and I can incorporate the scrappy nature of the paper into the image.

The tomatoes that I first tackled in Cindy Brunk's CP class are rather different, but each has their appeal.

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1 comment:

Jewels said...

Those are gorgeous red tomatoes!