Thursday, October 05, 2006

Equine blondes

I've made some progress with my coloured pencil drawing of Lady, the quarter horse that I owned til this past summer. Lady did go to a new home where she seems very content in the company of other horses and gaggles of adolescent girls who worship everything equine.

Lady is a sorrel quarter horse with that lovely glowing red coat and creamy blonde mane and tail. She's the pin-up queen of horses. Capturing her on paper has been more challenging than I anticipated, as well as including the background of the meadow where the reference image was taken.

I've made progress and the image is going past the ugly stage and coming together. Its on Stonehenge paper - about 14 x 16 and I'm using Prismacolor pencils - lots of layers. I haven't had huge blocks of time to work on it so have been grabbing a few minutes here and there to build it up. Early mornings, a few spare minutes on my way past the drafting table or before I go to bed at night seem to allow me enough time to work on it. Just as well its not a commission isn't it?

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