Sunday, October 01, 2006


I caught sight of some movement out of the corner of my eye today in the garden. It was a young grouse foraging in the grass - ok more like weeds - that needs cutting. They blend in so well with the trees and fence surrounding the enclosure and they freeze if they sense trouble, so its usually difficult to spot them. This one was braver than that and let me come fairly close to get some photos before hopping out to the other side of fence and wandering off.

I sketched a small 8 x 10 canvas and will start the underpainting in oil tomorrow if I can. Its a great image of a border collie acting coy - as if such a thing could be. However, having owned a border collie, I know they do have their own minds.

Tonight I am turkey sitting. The turkeys who are nearly 6 weeks old and destined for Christmas have a runt among them who keeps keeting picked on and they are relentless with the poor little mite. So tonight he/she was rescued from the pen. This poult is about 1/3 the size of the other turkeys in the pen and may well be destined to become another of my 'babies'. It sat on me, ensuring that I watched a whole hour of CSI while it snoozed. I think it is worn out from being chased by the others in the pen. Now it is sleeping in its own little crate next to me as I type. Another waif and stray has found its way to me.

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Katherine said...

I've been away too long - when did the oil painting start?

Lovely photos - and you're such a sucker for waifs and strays Jeanette!

Jeanette Jobson said...

I put a comment in here and it seems to have disappeared...hmmm

I'm rediscovering oils Katherine. Its been years since I've used them then one day the urge struck and I bought some. Just finding the time to get them out and in motion is another thing altogether.

And yes, the old, sick and rejected all seem to find their way to me and I keep taking them on. I'm a magnet, what can I say? :o)