Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Valet service

Each day when I come home the Embden geese decide to do a little valet service on my car. They love to pick off any bugs that have collided with the front of the car and I think they rather like seeing their reflections in the car as well. Its always rather funny to see them at it.

Another visitor today, but not volunteering for valet service. This was a young moose wandering on the road to the house - the driveway to the house is leading off to the right. He looks rather small and skinny, I hope he's ok.

He brought a buddy too, larger and more robust. These are reasons I hate going down this road to reach the main road to do my run. I don't particularly like meeting these guys!


Katherine said...

Oh wonderful - I do love your photos of the animals around the farm.

The geese tickled me pink until I saw young Moosie. Do you think he's into hip hop yet?

Jeanette said...

Thanks Katherine. THe geese are hilarious, even if a bit evil most of the time. Well, the ARE geese after all.

The moose is all legs at that age. Hip hop? I didn't hang around long enough to inquire. :)

Casey Klahn said...

We get far fewer Moose out here in Eastern Washington, but they do wander through a couple of times a year. Very impressive fellows, and larger than you might think!
I like the way they move across farm country - like the wind!
I think the young male (very great picture with the eyes, BTW) is just trying to bulk up after the winter, Jeanette. He looks fine to me.