Monday, August 13, 2007

Metered electricity

I've done a little more work on Junior, starting the fur around his eye as well as the first layers on the mouth and nose. I can't resist doing the eyes first. I just can't leave them til later. Its like the cherry on top of a sundae, you have to eat it first.

Tonight the cable television wasn't working. This doesn't concern me unduly as there is little I watch on tv, except for Cornation Street. I think I've been watching this off and on for almost as long as its been on the air - 30 or 40 years! Oh dear, that does age me, doesn't it?

Being without cable reminded me of how I used to watch television and have power in Ireland and the UK in the days of my youth. In rented flats or houses, electricity was often metered and powered by ample supplies of 50 pence pieces into a box that would give a certain amount of power, depending on what appliance you were using. Electric bar heaters seemed to take a lot if I remember as did cookers, so you had to make sure you had enough 50p pieces to cook dinner or keep warm for the evening without having to nip out to the pub and get more change.

Rented televisions also came metered, and I missed lots of endings of movies due to change running out and escpecially if it was raining, not wanting to go out for more. I often think these days that metered television might be a great choice now, especially for encouraging children to pry themselves away from it. No cash, no television.

However, cable was restored tonight and I did get to see Coronation Street so all is well with the world. And I get to keep my change too.

Tripod has no fear of cars at all. He will stand his ground and rarely move if one comes close to him . Tonight he was sucking heat from the tarmac as well as appreciating the shade of the car. It reminded me 1. Road kill and 2. the Cat testing his 9 lives theory. He's something else.


Billie Crain said...

kinda makes you wonder how Tripod has managed to hang onto three legs, doesn't it? i'm so glad mine are scared to death of cars as i live along a state highway.

your dog is coming along very well! i always have to start with the eyes, Jeanette. IMO if they aren't right nothing you do to the rest piece will look right.

Jeanette said...

Well I live off the beaten track so cars aren't frequent, but people do come in most days for one thing or the other. The cat just has nooooooooo thought that a car or tractor might hurt him.

I agree about the eyes too. THey set the piece up I think.

Gallery Juana said...

I love the picture of Tripod lying belly up in the grass! He sure is a sleeper (like most cats, I guess). I like your wip drawing of Junior... it has character.


Optimistic Lady said...

I love the picture and blog of your cat, Tripod, lying underneath the tire. It reminds me so much of my cat, Gracie. They are truly the rulers of their territory. But, you gotta love 'em.