Thursday, August 16, 2007


This is another early morning drawing, no more than 20 minutes or so again done in pre-dawn to dawn. I am finishing a few drawings before moving on to one that I want to do. I tend to flit from one project to another lately and have to make myself complete things. Perhaps its the way my mind works lately. Everything moves in choppy blocks of time or processes and at work I find myself never having time to complete a task before demands of another take my attention away.

I had written a long post last night for this, but my internet server was acting up and although I saved it, it obviously didn't save so we have the shortened version or non existant version.. So tonight I will try again!


Anonymous said...

It almost looks like you peeled it and lay the skin on the paper, it is so realistic. Hope you took a knife to it when you were done. Lovely Jeanette

Mary said...

Love your renditon, Jeanette. I had never seen this kind of peach before until this year that I have spent all summer trying to pin down the color of peaches and I also came across these. They are really beautiful.

Jeanette said...

Thank you Robin. I'm enjoying my little foray into drawing fruit. Yes, it became breakfast after it was drawn and it was sweet and juicy.

I'm not sure exactly what type of peach this is Mary. It is the common variety that we get here commercially. I guess I've never really thought much about peach varieties and colours, but I'm sure there must be many.

I know that you've being creating magic with your peach drawings Mary. THe colours in them is so beautiful I think.