Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A day in my life

Vivien Blackburn started this. She's fully responsible. And its wonderful.

It was a challenge on her blog to sketch from memory 12 snapshots of your day. So between last night and this morning I did just that and it was quite fun to recreate moments. Others have liked it so much that they want me to do sketches of their day now! See what you've started Vivien?

The sketches unfold like this:
  1. Propping myself up on the bathroom sink at 6am while I contemplate how much older I've gotten overnight and decide if I really want to go to work or stay home and draw all day.
  2. Downstairs, Tripod wants out. Very vocally out.
  3. Coffee. I have to have coffee to function.
  4. While I have my coffee, I do a little drawing or sketching.
  5. (the barn picture should come before the road one) The barn is opened and the geese and ducks swarm out at about a Decibel 7 noise level. If you're not awake before this, you soon will be. Tripod sits and watches, twitching his tail, wondering if he can tackle a goose and get away with it. He always decides no.
  6. A drive to work through Flatrock and Torbay, past the ocean, up and down hills, by trees and rocks. Thank God for iPods.
  7. Work. I feel chained to a computer some days with emails and writing, writing, writing...
  8. But I do get the alternative to the computer. Meetings. Lots and lots of meetings.
  9. I drive back home, and the mini Rottweilers I call geese, attack the car and me, given half a chance. One day I'm not going to slow down for them.
  10. Time to get some food prepared. Tripod feels every trip to the kitchen is for his benefit.
  11. I spend a couple of hours drawing most evenings when possible. Its my time to lose myself in 'the zone'
  12. Bed is where I read - or try to. Many nights I don't get past the first paragraph, but I have to have a book with me to get to sleep. And a pile in reserve in case I ever get past that paragraph.


vivien said...

Jeanette this is GREAT! and I'm so glad it took off as it did :>) and that you've taken part.

I'll add this to the links.

BJK_Art said...

How fun! I have never thought of sketching my own day - I will have to take some time and try it. Thanks for the inspiration! I have a five day Spring break from school so I plan to spend time drawing.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I could positively hear those geese as you went by!

Jeanette said...

This was such fun to do Vivien! Now other people are asking me to draw their 'day in the life'.

You should try it bjk, it becomes addictive :)

I hear them as I write this Katherine and no doubt they'll do their 'let's scare her' trick again as I go out soon.

Robyn said...

I adore geese, probably because I haven't been monstered by them. If they were mine I would be drawing them all the time. You do you do them beautifully. They are my favourite part of your day. But each frame is delightful, Jeanette. I don't think this is an easy exercise but it is rewarding - and entertaining.

Claudia said...

So very nice!

BJK_Art said...

I did, I did! I actually finished my own 12 frames of my day. It was great! Thanks again for the inspiration.
(Mine are posted on my Drawing blog.)

dinahmow said...

Oh my! Aren't we all having a great time with our own and others' comic strips?(I feel badly about the rubbish I posted, but am now doing a comic strip as a journal.)
Tripod? Is he an amputee? I have 3 cats here and, yep! they all behave similarly!

Jeanette said...

Robyn, the geese are lovely to look at, but are perpetually agressive to most anyone and anything they see. That has benefits and drawbacks. Hopefully this year, they'll find new homes. But you are right, they are good to draw.

Thank you Claudia.

Great work Barbara!

Dinahmow, weren't they fun to do? I love all the little views into people's lives.

And yes Tripod's left front paw is missing. I have no idea how or when as he was a stray living in the woods around me for a couple of years. But it doesn't bother him too much and he can still catch mice.