Monday, April 21, 2008

Drawing space

My studio that I created about a year ago in a spare bedroom is now too small for what I need and its time to move to a bigger space. I have my eye on the basement, as its not used much and is quite cosy there, being fully finished, however the light isn't great there, but it can be overcome with artificial light for the moment.

The other idea I have is to buy a trailer, something fairly large, gut it to the minimum and use it as a studio/classroom. It would be nice to have a private space and not have people trek through the house when I run a class or workshop. And a trailer would work fairly well as a long, but lightfilled space. I'll have to keep my eye on the for sale ads and keep saving.

Til then I need to reorganize my drafting table which is overflowing with everything, including this drawing that I have vowed to complete. I started this drawing as a symbolic self portrait quite a few months ago, then ran out of steam. I have the left and upper areas in place but the right defeats me in terms of content. I have to seriously sit down and think about what I will put in there.

This piece is quite large - 22 x 30 - and done all in graphite, so its fairly slow progress. I have a couple of ideas for additions to complete it. The interesting part of a symbolic self portrait is that every person interprets it differently. I can't really tell you all the symbolism as some of it is very personal. I'll let the viewer draw out of it what they think makes up the story.


Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jeanette,

Your symbolic self portrait is wonderful. It is very intriguing and I look forward to seeing what further images you decide to include.

The trailer idea sounds grand. As you know, I now have my dream studio. Now that I have all the extra space, I find that my creative endeavours start to spread to fill the space. This can be a bit of a makework project when it comes time to teach. I am teaching in my studio this week and yesterday I spent more time than I would like to admit sorting, and tidying my stuff.

Matching jewelry eh? Had to grin at that one. Your jewelry looks lovely and I am sure the sets will be quite popular!

Paulette said...

I love this piece and the thought process that has been going into it. I keep watching to see what you are going to add next.
The trailer idea sounds good (minus the cleaning:)).

Jeanette said...

Thanks Teresa. Its quite a process to create a symbolic self portrait. Sometimes the analysis of yourself dredges up things that you didn't want to visit again.

I started this in a class with Armin Mersmann who guided me through the process. He's a wonder.

And yes, your studio is to die for. I don't think I'd ever come out of there :) I know about spreading to fill the space too...

Hi Paulette, I'm glad you like the piece. I should have a draft of what will fill in the blanks within the next few days I'm hoping.

Cleaning....well part of the process but it sucks, I agree.

Jennifer Rose said...

I have seen some really nice trailers turned into art studios. Lots of light and everything one needs, and you can sleep on the a couch when a person gets tired. Some have had separate kitchens for making a snack lol

It is a very nice picture so far :D Great textures on the fish and I like how they are both hooked together.

Stacy said...

Jeanette, I know the feeling of growing out of your studio space. My studio is along one wall of my bedroom and some days it feels way too small! Do you read Casey Klahn's blog? He recently turned a trailer into a studio. It might give you some ideas.

Robin Neudorfer said...

I remember the days that you were telling me that time was too limited to be serious about creating. Now look at you go. Growing, and teaching, and blogging up a storm.

I am in the process of simplifying my life to be able to paint full time. I also have my eye on teaching or mentoring as well. Life certainly is interesting.

I also think of you often these days Jeanette, as our kitty brought home a stray friend. Quite scared of the situation, but he is calmed by a plate of food. I'll win him over soon.

Ah... and I do need a trip to Laguna again soon.

Jeanette said...

Yes Jennifer, I'll have to seriously look into a trailer and see what I come up with.

Stacy, yes, I'd forgotten that Casey did that. I'll have to check it out again and see how to went about it.

Robin - such a pleasure to hear from you again. Yes, the growing pains of becoming or re-becoming an artist where doubts and limitations form boulders in the path to a destination were always with me.

I think I'm moving them out of the way or figuring out how to get around them now.

You make the perfect teacher or mentor Robin as you have the patience of a saint. I know you will do well in whatever you choose.

Funny, I was looking at the pastel I drew of that stone arch in Laguna last night and remembering our day there. I think we should go there again and paint or draw.

studio lolo said...

I stumbled here vie Laurel Neustadter's glad I did! Your work is so refreshing. I love graphite work. And I love the drawing of your faithful old paintbrush and the history it has. Thanks for sharing! I'll be back to see where this drawing takes us...

Robyn said...

I wondered what happened to your symbolic portrait, Jeanette. I remember when you started it, I thought it was going to be fascinating and it certainly is.

A trailer sounds like a wonderful idea. I had an image of an old steel trailer as I was reading and I've just remembered where I saw it. Do you remember when Jana's interior designer sister made over her studio? Well, on her sisters website there is the most beautiful and unusual trailer makeover.