Saturday, July 19, 2008

6 AM

Staedtler watercolour pencils, 9 x 12 watercolour paper
copyright Jeanette Jobson

I had to a meeting for work this morning and was up early. The sun was streaming through the window and I captured the bright light and shadow in a portrait using the web cam as my 'mirror'.

Later this afternoon, I decided I'd try my hand at watercolour. I searched the house for my pan set of watercolours. Could I find it? Nooooooooo. So I settled begrudgingly for a set of 12 Staedtler watercolour pencils. I don't often use w/c pencils except for sketches. I find they don't always dissolve completely and I can still see the pencil strokes on the paper despite my efforts with water and brushes.

So my colours were limited and some colours a little unorthodox, but I kind of like that effect. The viewer's right arm isn't correct. I need to make that far line diagonal, not straight to reflect the angle of the pose, otherwise it makes the arm look artificially wide. I find that with watercolours, it isn't ise to go back and make too much in the way of changes as it can lose the freshness of the original layers.


Jo Castillo said...

Jeanette, you have some of the coolest ideas. Nice work...

Jeanette said...

Thanks Jo, good to hear from you again.

Robyn said...

I really love it, Jeanette. Beautiful, moody and personal. Brava!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Robyn. I enjoyed dabbling in watercolour again.