Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shaded ducks

Shaded ducks
Rapidograph pen, Pentalic sketchbook 8 x 5
copyright Jeanette Jobson

On warm days like today, the ducks find a shady spot under a tree to have their siestas. I was sitting on the front step late this morning, having my coffee and thought I'd do a quick sketch of them resting.

I haven't used my Rapidograph for awhile and the first one I picked up didn't work. Sometimes they can be a little tempermental but it may have just dried a little and needs cleaning. The finer nibs are more prone to clogging, but I do prefer them.

I found my favourite ducks, B.D. and Buddy in a newly found shady spot. They usually lurk under the rhododendron bush or behind the steps to the house, but today they found a temporary spot.


Jennifer Rose said...

Very nice drawing :) The ducks have the right idea about laying around in the shade. Hasn't been hot enough here to seek out any shade, almost have to try to seek out the sun :p

Robyn said...

You always make me want ducks! Lovely pen sketch. I don't dare try my technical pens. Haven't used them for far too long and as you know they get gummed up. I fear they are becoming another of those beautiful things of the past.