Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Virtual Sketch Date

I can't remember if I've shared this drawing or not previously. I was looking through old drawings and found this one. I remember the drawing and the model well, even parts of the conversation of that night in the life class. The model was Pip. The setting was the studio of Tom Greenshields on the farm in Hawkchurch in Devon. The year was...I'd say 1981 or 82. Time does indeed fly.

Its that time again when we start another Virtual Sketch Date. This was the original idea of Rose Welty back in April when she contacted me to become involved in a project that would provide each other with some drawing opportunities, using the same reference image.

Well, it got very popular and now it has its own blog where the reference images are stored and the participating bloggers links are listed at the end of the event.

July's VSD reference be posted on Friday July 18th and you have one week to draw the reference image and post it on your blog. All drawings must be posted on Saturday, July 26th and the summary of all drawing links will be completed on Sunday July 27th. There isn't a limit to how many individuals participate, but you must let me know if you do, so that your drawing can be viewed and your blog listed.

About Virtual Sketch Date
The blog was set up to help administer monthly virtual sketch dates. Once a month a group of artists band together and draw from the same reference image for a week. At the end of the week, each artist posts their image on their blog. A post will be put up on the VSD with links to all participants' entries.

Want to join?
1. Once a month, when the reference image is posted, leave a comment to let us know that you are participating.
2. Sketch from the image
3. On the "date day" post your sketch on your blog.
4. The next day there will be a post here with links to all the participants entries.

Guidelines for Virtual Sketch Date Reference Images
  • * All photos must be "suitable for work"
  • * No camera phones
  • * No blurry images
  • * Natural light is preferred to using a flash
* Resolution must be at least 800px by 600px (higher resolutions uploaded to Flickr are greatly appreciated)


laura said...

What a great idea ... When I take a class or workshop, the best part is always seeing what all the different artists do with the same subject; this sounds like a great way of replicating that experience.
Could a "sketch" be a watercolor sketch?

Jeanette said...

Good question Laura. The original concept of the idea was in provide practice for drawing skills.

Like most other forums, I'll say yes, put in a watercolour sketch,but provide your drawing on your blog as well before you add colour .