Monday, July 14, 2008


Tripod snoozing
graphite sketch 11 x 14
copyright Jeanette Jobson

The cat likes nothing more than a lap to sit on and a hand to stroke him. At that point he goes into zen meditation I think, accompanied by purring loud enough to rattle the teacups.

Drawing and painting lately is a bit of an effort for me. Maybe its the heat that causes the malaise. I have the tools and the time to do this, but inclination or inspiration flags a bit. I also consider this blog and wonder what to write to fill the space. I don't want to write simply for the sake of writing, but abandoning it into its two and a half year life seems rather pointless too.

I have so many ideas whirling in my head, I need to closet myself away and make myself put things on paper. I have stepped down from an art association that I was with and am considering a couple of other options. I want to be part of a group that inspires and challenges me at the same time. I want to work towards an exhibition of my work and know that will take at least a year to produce a body of work. And I know that I need those people around me who will push me towards that goal, not impede my progress. I need, I need... The only way to meet my needs is to face them head on and just make them reality.


Gayle Mason said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog.
I can completely identify with your feelings about sometimes needing the support of like minded people to drive you on artwise. I'm always here to encourage through cyberspace :)

Jeanette said...

Gayle, you're a dear, thank you. I think I need a virtual art association as well as a real one too! And I guess the blog becomes that in some ways,doesn't it?

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Jeanette - I very much know where you're coming from
- you want to develop - so you start doing new things
- then you realise that some of the new things aren't where you want to spend your effort
- then you have to extract
- at the same time as your mates are progessing in different directions
- and you still need to find a way of creating impetus!
Been there, done that and got the T shirt!

I like the idea of a virtual art association of bloggers!

The problem with some of the existing forums is they have 'owners' and the commercial, as opposed to the learning, interests are rather too apparent at times for my liking.

The cyberchums group (Gayle's in mine) seems to work well but there again at times you want a fresh eyes on things or a different perspective.

Bigger than cyberchums and smaller than a forum and absolutely no hassle to host - and absolutely no spammers! Not much to ask is it?

BTW - if you're ever stuck, review what you've done and/or make a 'to do' list and/or a fantasy art supplies list!

Jeanette said...

I'm glad its not just me that feels like this at times Katherine.

You know I think there is a lot of potential for something like a virtual art association, but it would take some planning and research.

Not commercial, not high maintenance, however there have to be some 'leaders' to direct it and that would involve time. Hmmmmm, yes there is potential...

Stacy said...

Jeanette, I just want to add my "I hear you" to the one's you already have. And I feel I am earning that t-shirt right along with you. There is so much I want to achieve with my art, and I need like minded people to help me push to reach my goals. For me the trouble with local art associations is their meetings often conflict with my kids' activities. A virtual group that allowed me to participate when the kids are sleeping or at school would be ideal.

I'm willing to brainstorm ideas with you if you are interested.

Jeanette said...

It seems to be a common problem Stacy and yes, we can talk about it and see if we can come up with something.

tracywall said...

Jeanette, I have those needs too, especially when I am itching to make a change in my work.

I have so little (it seems) time, I have tons of ideas in my head, though sometimes when the time to work arises, I fall flat(indecision? fear of the unknown?) I then get frustrated at myself for the wasted opportunity.

Lately, been trying to borrow from the cat world and try a little meditation to calm my active mind and focus. Maybe I should purr, too!