Friday, August 19, 2011

Cocktails on the beach

Earlier this summer I was walking along the beach looking for interesting things to photograph or draw and my eye was drawn to a shot of colour nestled in the grey stones.  A cocktail umbrella?  Perhaps the beach is going upscale from when I did my partying.  Back then it was beer and hotdogs.  Obviously these days its cocktails. 

It seems so incongruous in the setting and the colour popped against the stones, so I knew it was meant to be. The paper of the folded umbrella is delicate but intact and reminded me of the petals of poppies - that crushed silk look that they have.

This is a quick study for a main piece.  I was finishing up some oils on a palette before starting fresh and used paper for this.  A fairly sturdy canal paper by St. Armand that seems to hold up well to a variety of mediums.

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Phil Davis said...

I lookforward to seeing the main piece.