Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things that happen when you're tired

Someone had asked me the size of the coyote drawing and off the top of my head I can't remember, but here's a quick shot from my web camera that gives you an idea of its size.   The quality is terrible, but the principle solid.  I always hate these up close shots that fill a screen so you never get a look at a piece as it should be seen, which is not 3 inches away from it.

Its been a busy week with not a lot of time to paint besides a few sketches here and there.  I'm so tired, I long for sleep and that will come soon before I do something more drastic than the following since I got home.
  1. Forget to change your sweater before painting and have indigo blue on cream cotton.  In oils of course.
  2. Try to feed the cat bird seed instead of kibble.
  3. Look everywhere for the ground coffee and find it.  In the hallway.  Where I was interrupted by a phone call.
  4. Fall asleep and miss the best bits on Coronation Street, but wake up during the commercials.

More layers on the cliffs and more coyote tomorrow or at the weekend!


Michael Bailey said...

Thats's a lovely piece and a nice big size too Jeanette. Art always looks so much better in the real world, where you can walk around it and view it from any distance!
Can't help with the cat food and mislayed coffee problems - do the same myself sometimes. To avoid problems with oil paints I use Artisan which washes out of clothing - if you're quick that is. Can't give you an update on Corrie - I've missed a few weeks of it too, and that's not normal behaviour for a Cheshire lad like me :)

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Jeanette,
I feel badly that you're so tired, but was laughing at your story. Definitely time for night-night land!
I'm not sure it wasn't me who inquired as to the size of this painting. Though I'm not exhausted, my memory often is, so I can't be sure. Anyway, let me add my thanks for sharing this image in it's true scale. It's a fantastic work.
Have a restful weekend!!

Jennifer Rose said...

1. we are artists. our clothes can have paint on them and its normal ;p

that coyote is pretty big, thanks for the shot of it :)

really hope you manage to catch up on your sleep soon!!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Michael. I much prefer to see paintings from an appropriate viewing distance initially. If I want a closer look I can then do so.

My brain is frazzled this week so heaven knows what I'll do. :) As for Corrie, Britain is probably 6 or 7 months ahead of us in shows, we're still waiting for the tram wreck!

Gary, some weeks it just bizarre how crazy it gets and as the weekend nears, I get more and more tired til I'll crash tonight and catch up again. Then I can do it all over again!

I amuse myself at how forgetful I can be sometimes. I blame it on tiredness, getting older doesn't help the brain cells either.

Jennifer, yes you're right, all artist's clothes have paint on them, except for the rare few. And I don't mind it, but really didn't want it on this particular sweater. Oh well, guess it will be a painting sweater unless it comes out. Turps applied and washed, but I haven't had a chance to go look yet and see the result.


RH Carpenter said...

Oh, Jeanette, it's scary to be getting this tired! Please take care and get some rest. I love the coyote and the size - I, too, like to know the sizes of things but find that someone listing it on their post is fine and gives me a good idea (not like being there to see it in person but you know whether it's big or small). Have a good - and restful - weekend.

debwardart said...

Jeanette, I feel your pain - I'm constantly looking for something - my theory is that it's never really lost, just misplaced for a while. It is disconcerting, though, when things turn up in the oddest places. Could be lack of sleep or, dare I even mention, "woman of a certain age" syndrome! But my husband is prone to this also, so don't know what his problem is! (I'm still looking for some fabric in a little brown bag purchased several years ago and last seen on my desk . . . . I'm blaming its disapearance on the resident ghost . . .) I usually look a mess - wearing old, already paint stained clothes saves the good stuff, but one gets odd stares from strangers when venturing out into public! I say "I paint" and leave it to them to figure out - ... houses" is my guess for their answer!! Get a good rest before you touch that painting again, it's too beautiful to mess up now!

Sue Pownall said...

oh my. I hope you've caught up on your sleep now. Poor cat & you, of course.

I hadn't realised how tired I had got until I went away and I have finally relaxed.... shame I had to come back to reality.

buy art said...

I'm blaming its disapearance on the resident ghost . . .) I usually look a mess - wearing old, already paint stained clothes saves the good stuff, but one gets odd stares from strangers when venturing out into public!