Friday, February 20, 2009


coloured pencil 9 x 12

I usually don't like drawing really hairy dogs. It is time consuming and ends up being confusing. However, letting the paper work for me helps a lot, as it did with this loose portrait of Bruce, a Scottish terrier. These terriers are sweet dogs, if not a little stubborn and somewhat protective.

Another snow storm greeted me this morning, worse than the other day and this was the view out of my studio window at 7am. Are we seeing a pattern here?? I waited til 11 or so to head to work and by that time the snow had changed to rain and the roads were rapidly clearing. How many weeks of winter are left? Anyone want to do a house swap??


Anita said...

HOw cute is that? Beady little eye - lovely!
Lots of snow - at risk of being lynched by those of you suffering winters - I envy you!!!
Drive very carefully!

Jennifer Rose said...

little stubborn? lol everyone that I have met was very stubborn :) you did a great job with the fur, looks just like the real thing

snow! I wish we had that much snow. I'd swap but I don't think you would want to live in our little flat when you have all that space :p it is nice outside though, no snow

vivien said...

NO way would I swap! we've got sunshine and spring like feel in the air - though being England it could snow tomorrow or freeze or be even warmer - who knows?

This is one of your best - that eye is great and the hair works beautifully

Billie Crain said...

Bruce looks great! i love the CP's on black paper.

i don't think you'd want to trade places with me. you wouldn't be trading 'up' much. lol

Jeanette said...

Thanks Anita. I needed to test myself on this one and it came out ok.

As for snow and winters...well, the novelty wears off after many months of it here. Snow never seems to be gone for good til April and even then it takes forever to warm up.

Jennifer, most dogs do tend to be stubborn, especially the male ones!
I'd swap winter happily most days! I'm not a winter person at all.

Thanks Vivien. I know England has its ups and downs weatherwise, the same as here. We just get more snow!

Billie, yeah, I guess you get your fair share of snow there too don't you? At least you warm up, we never seem to get spring, just go straight from winter to summer.

Its a challenge drawing long haired dogs. I can't say I'd like to do them all the time.

Robyn said...

Bruce is brilliant! And here you are being so casual about your work again. Tsk. tsk.

I've been envying you the beautiful snow, but that does look darn cold and we've just had two beautiful warm sunny days and I'm crossing my fingers for more.l

Jeanette said...

I think its built into most artists to be modest Robyn. That and self doubt always creeps in for some reason.

Snow is ok if its not too cold and its not too windy and the sun is out. Conditions that are rare this winter! And another 10cm due today with blowing snow advisory in place. Oh driving should be such fun later...

Anonymous said...

Bruce is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing this---terriers are the best dogs, and Scotties are the best terriers. Just my opinion! haha

As for the snow, it's why I left Newfoundland after a lifetime there. Truth to tell, it's not even so much the winter, it's that hellish Newfoundland "spring", that interminable stretch of misery from mid-March to the end of May, and sometimes on into June. Here, on the same latitude as Nain, I'm already enjoying my crocuses.

Cate in Dundee

Jeanette said...

Want a house guest for 3 months Cate?? :)