Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kevin - update

Kevin WIP
11 x 14 watercolour

I've been adding a few layers in watercolour to my portrait study group reference. I am too timid with watercolours and need to do something large and loose to break my habit of small and tight. I'm slowly building the colour and shading in the face and am wary that I don't do too much and make it muddy, yet not enough to make it look insipid.


Teresa Mallen said...

This guy's expression makes me smile. I think it would be a fun piece to work on. You are doing a great job with the watercolour!

Anita said...

This really was the most bizarre reference image - great job with the eyes.
I need to do more watercolour.

Billie Crain said...

you DO like to jump in on the deep end, Jeanette! painting portraits in w/c isn't my idea of fun. the paint's too hard to control when you're going for something so exact as a person's features. still, this one is looking good.:) love the expression!

Jeanette said...

Teresa, this is quite the expression isn't it? I have the end in sight of this one now.

Anita, I liked the challenge of controlling the paint for the eyes, which rather contrasts with the rest.
Kevin, gotta love him!

Billie, its like this puzzle to me. The layers, knowing how wet, how dry it should be to put down the next layer. Planning the execution of the next stroke, etc etc.

Portraits are more difficult in watercolour,but I do love the look of them if they can be pulled off well.