Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Frost study
oils 5 x 7

Its been a snow day here with a raging storm throwing down snow and blowing it around in 100k/hr winds since the wee hours. Most of the city has been shut down but its due to stop by the morning and things should get back to normal again after close to 30cm of snow is down.

Frost on windows is a rarity these days with insulated houses and efficient heating. I remember as a child frost was very common on the inside of windows on cold winter mornings. I loved the patterns that it made, like feathers or ocean waves.

There is a long back porch on my house that houses feed and wood and potatoes and the window of the screen door occasionally has the right conditions of moisture and cold air for frost. The other morning, the planets were in alignment and frost patterns were there.

I took a photo of the patterns, as they are short lived once the sun comes up, and this morning with the storm outside, I did a study of frost patterns. I think the patterns would translate well into graphite, painstakingly slow, but lovely when done.


Teresa Mallen said...

I was thinking of you when I saw the storm was heading in your direction. I am glad that you have found a wonderful way to wait it out - a lovely study of frost. I too love frost patterns on windows. Oh gosh, I guess now you have to shift all that drifted snow...

"JeanneG" said...

Looks way to cold for me. The sight out at the barn would make a nice winter picture.

Anita said...

oooh CHILLY!

I remember when we first moved to England that we used to celebrate if we got the temperature above freezing in the house (we had no heating at all, just the coal fired rayburn which went out all the time!) and the ice was thick on the inside of the windows.
Super frosty patterns - abstract but recognisable.

Jennifer Rose said...

stay warm! :)
I really like your little study, has a really nice sense of movement :)

Robyn said...

It's like a beautiful brocade pattern, Jeanette. I thought of you today when I photographed some ice covered plants. You'd make a gorgeous graphite picture of them - I'm not sure I have the patience at the moment.

Jeanette said...

Teresa, there's snow everywhere and more on the way tonight/tomorrow. Yuck.

Jeanne, you get used to whatever weather is thrown your way I guess. Cold is relative. Yesterday it hovered around 0 to -1. For February, that's not cold. This view of the barn isn't too inspiring. I need some sun to provide some contrasts to make it more interesting.

Anita, I remember similar heating challenges in places I lived in the UK. I don't think I've ever been so cold in any place on earth as I was in England.

I can't get a good photo of this piece. It has more detail than it shows.

Thanks Jennifer. It may translate into another piece with detail yet.

Robyn, aren't ice patterns amazing? Ice covered plants are fabulous for drawing. I have a couple that I keep meaning to draw.

vivien said...

oh I remember how beautiful these patterns were! with central heating I never see them now - well caught :>)

it wasn't so beautiful getting out of bed in an unheated student room even with these pretty patterns on the window in the morning though!